CO-DI water is prepared not for the purpose of being a BEVERAGE but a HEALTH CARE DRINK, so CO-DI has a very rich amount of lemongrass, ginger, and coconut in order to ensure a quick effect on health.


For those who love the aroma of the spices above, you will feel the natural fragrance of the product.


For those who do not like the scent of Lemongrass, Ginger…, it will feel strong and difficult to drink for the first time. For the second or third time, you will get used to the taste and the feeling above will be gone.


When you taste CO-DI for the first time, you will immediately feel the warmth is brought by CO-DI. First, the warmth will surround your palate, your neck, then go back into your stomach – if your stomach (internal organs) is cold, you will feel the warmth clearly, The warmth will continue run to your head, hands – If you have a headache and your hand is cold, you will feel CO-DI’s suitability for your body.


When chilled, CO-DI becomes less spicy and refreshing.

When warmed up, CO-DI will taste spicier and warmer.



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